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In business, utilities can be one of the biggest expenses. With over 70 suppliers pricing your accounts at once with the innovative pricing technology the brokers at C3NERGY DIRECT, LLC possess, We have a VERY high success ratio of rate reduction. The more suppliers who quote the account, the better chance of reduction.  Operating in all states with energy deregulation, we offer commercial customers a choice of how much you pay for your electricity and natural gas supply with over 70 of the top and leading suppliers in the Deregulated energy market.

Group Discussion
Group Discussion
Price Protection

We know that predictability is important to your business. Maintain steady prices with our fixed-price protection plans. Sourcing from 50 to 70 suppliers at a given time, we shop around and focus on the best price plans for our customers. Our vast amount of suppliers ensures you we remain loyal to only you, and your bottom line.

Price Protection
Analysis & Education

Our energy brokers monitor the natural gas market by the minute, tracking the cost of this surging commodity. Our current Natural Gas market is the best we've seen in well over 20 years! This market is making for some of the best electricity prices we have ever seen. Find out about what low price your business qualifies for, and how much you can save!

Analysis & Education

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About Us

At C3NERGY DIRECT, LLC., it is our business to continually foster cost-effective and timely services in order to efficiently use innovative and cutting-edge energy pricing and techniques to provide all commercial consumers with numerous options for all energy requirements—from customers with energy usage as low as 500 KWH, to large New York City Skyscrapers and Airport hotels using tens of millions of KWH's. Our energy brokers shop around multiple suppliers, and then, make them compete for your business before they pick the best electric and natural gas sources to recommend for you. One customer even saved $234,000 off their yearly bill when Mr. Jacobs discovered they were on a variable price, and contracted them to a Fixed-Price Plan. You are never charged any additional costs on your bill or ever for our services because we have already negotiated our fees with the suppliers.

With a career spanning the residential and commercial energy market, including work as the top broker at one of the most successful consulting firms in the nation, company CEO Chris Jacobs founded this brokerage in order to provide the best prices available on the deregulated energy market. He has put together a professional team with more than 40 years of cumulative knowledge and experience and a dedication to serving customers at all times. Mr. Jacobs also actively brokers deals and is 100% involved in the day-to-day operations of the company. The new innovative pricing technology which C3NERGY DIRECT LLC possesses has a very high rate of success. If you would like to speak with Mr. Jacobs directly and have him work on your companies pricing call now! 866-256-9923 Ext. 101

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